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Thanks for visiting my simple page. I’m an American Certified teacher with experience of over 20 years teaching General English, Spanish & TOEIC. With my skills and experience, I can teach people from all ages to learn English from the comforts of their homes worldwide, via Skype or ZOOM. I have a fun, exciting, engaging and efficient teaching technique that you should try.

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Important Disclaimer

I only offer  one-year programs to obtain good results.  If you only take a few lessons you will not make any progress. 

Of course, the trial lesson is only one, but the trial lesson is meant so you can get a sense of my method and personality. You’ll need to study one year to get good results

If you join a sports club, you will not make good progress on the first few weeks because you need to work out to build up muscle. You will need to make effort and break the wall that separates you from your goal.

English Conversation is the same way. Your first few lessons will be difficult because we will need to learn to communicate with each  other. We may even need to use a dictionary to build up your vocabulary. But after one year, you’ll be glad you joined my school and I’m sure that you’ll want to continue.

One-to-One Lessons

People want to practice English for different reasons.

Lessons will be customized to suit your level, age and purpose.

We simulate real life situations, so you will be able to use English outside the classroom with confidence.

Students 6 to 22 years old

From kids in elementary school to young adults in university need improvement on general English and Academic English skills. Lessons will be tailored to suit the age of the student and the purpose, if any.

23 years old and up

Working adults require either TOEIC certification or use English for work. General English is also an important aspect of business, so my lessons will help you to improve on both English for work and General English

Housewives & Retirees

Housewives and retired persons who are interested in practicing to speak English, usually don’t have a need to learn English for work. Lessons will focus on General English Conversation.


SURASURA  TALK is a registered business in Sendai Japan and has been operating since 2012.  Since the Corona Virus Pandemic we closed our classroom located in the center of Sendai city and continue to provide services online to our students. 

If you really hate online lessons, you can arrange to have your lessons at your home or office if you live in Sendai city. Once the Corona virus pandemic is under control and hopefully gone forever, we will consider reopening our classroom somewhere around Sendai station in Sendai city again.

But actually, our students really like the online lessons because we use good equipment such as a professional microphone and Full-HD camera, so I encourage you to try my online lesson.

Let's talk about your goals

Please contact my Japanese assistant at 0800-888-6441 to schedule a Trial lesson. 

If you live outside Japan, please send a simple message to surasuratalk@gmail.com with your name, country and the best date and time for your trial lesson.

Comments From Real Students

Student real names have been changed to protect privacy.

Ralph helped me get the TOEIC score I needed. He also helped me to speak English which is very useful in my work. I now continue taking his lessons to learn and practice Daily English Conversation. Thank you!
Taishi M.
Company Worker
Ralph has been my teacher for a few years now. I’m a medical student in my 3rd year of residency. I like Ralph’s lesson because I can talk about medical topics and everyday life. Thank you!
Hikari O.
Medical Doctor
I have been studying with Ralph many years. He helps me to keep up to date with my English because I often take trips abroad. It is nice to meet him every week. He is so funny and a good teacher for me.
Nao K.
I needed a good teacher for my daughter, and I found Ralph online. I decided for my daughter to try his lesson when she entered elementary school. Now,my daughter is in Junior High School and can speak and understand English better than me. Thanks Ralph!
Noriko A.
Office Worker

About Payments

The trial is free and a 30-minute lesson is 2,100 (JPY) about $20.00 (USD) (tax included).

If you decide to join my school,  you will have to and agree to a one-year contract that you can pay monthly by bank transfer or PayPal.

 If you live outside Japan, we can only accept PayPal as the payment method.

Note: PayPal charges us a 5% transaction fee that we will add to your bill.

If you have never used PayPal, It is really easy. It is free to join and simple to  use.

Thank you for visiting my page!
“I wish you great success on your English journey”

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