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Hello from Japan. My name is Ralph. I am an American Certified teacher with 20 years of experience teaching General English, Spanish & TOEIC as a foreign language. With my skills and experience, I can teach people from all ages to learn English in the comfort of their homes worldwide. I have a fun, exciting, engaging and efficient teaching technique that you should try.

Ralph Santis

instructor & Head of Sales ,

About Courses & Lessons

People want to practice English for different reasons. My lessons will be customized to suit your age and purpose.

We talk about everything and we simulate real life situations, so students will be able to use English outside the classroom with confidence.

From 6 years old to 22 years old

From kids in elementary school  to young adults in university need improvement on general English skills. Lessons will be conducted depending on the age of the student and the overall purpose, if any.

Working adults 23 years old and up.

Working adults require either TOEIC certification or use English for work. General English is also an important aspect of business, so my lessons will help you to improve on both English at work and your daily life.

Non-working adults such as housewives and retired persons.

Housewives and retired persons who are interested in learning how to speak English, usually don’t have a need to learn English for work. Lessons will focus on General & Daily English Conversation.




Ralph is so kind. He helped me get the TOEIC score I needed. He also helped me to speak English which is very useful in my work. I now continue taking his lesson to learn and practice everyday English conversation. Thank you!


Ralph has been my teacher for a few years now. I’m a medical student in my 3rd year of residency. I like Ralph’s lesson because I can talk about medical topics and everyday life. Thank you!

Hikari M.

I have been studying with Ralph many years. He helps me to keep up to date with my English because I often take trips abroad. It  is nice to meet him every week. He is so funny and a good teacher for me.


I needed a good teacher for my daughter, and I found Ralph online. I decided for my daughter to try his lesson when she entered elementary school. Now,my daughter is in Junior High School and can speak and understand English better than me. Thanks Ralph!


Free Trial

The trial is free and the lesson start as low as JPY2,100. If you live in Japan, please contact me at the phone number below.

If you live outside Japan, please send a simple message to surasuratalk@gmail.com.